“Broken cookies don’t have calories”…

… I WISH !

Keana is my 10yr old, my eldest, my very Talented girl. She’s made us all  very proud  since Kindergarden, She brought home an Excellent report card all A’s and has been in the Honor roll the whole year.

she does it all, she wants to act, she starts Acting school this Saturday we’re all very excited about that,She’s a ToysRus Model and you can find her riding her scooter on the catalogs, she Paints, she loves Arts and crafts, her Imagination is wild and shes an Awesome writter not only because i think so but because all her teachers have said so since 1st grade, i tell her she will be a Big time Journalist! she tells me she has other plans such as becoming…

  • Internal Medicine Doctor
  • Veterinarian
  • Explorer
  • Magician

She loooves Baking, cookies are her favorite.  Keana is a “Tough Cookie” as i call her sometimes, shes my sweet and super hyper pain in the butt girl all at the same time and if youre reading this, I know i dont often SAY IT because you dont want to be “babied”  but Mommy Loves you dearly and is very proud of all your Achievements But you still need to go clean your ROOM!  lol

She loves HOUSE!



Thanks for Looking ♥



3 thoughts on ““Broken cookies don’t have calories”…

  1. I love your photo as well! I just started teaching my 6 year old niece how to bake and I’m real proud of her so far. There’s something very sweet about a little girl learning to cook! Good luck to you!

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