My very First couple

 Karina is my sister as most of you already know and for those who dont let me share a little bit about her.

  • She’s known to be called “Moon”
  • Shes got the whitest teeth, no photoshop on those!
  • We share the same Love for Photography : )
  • We believe someday we’ll have a Business together
  • I can kid the world except her
  • In the cookies of life, she’s the chocolate chip

Fourth of July weekend my sister and boyfriend joined us at the Poconos and i was really not in the mood for pictures, i actually wanted to give people a break from having my camera in their faces all the time, especially my kids, but im glad to have picked up that camera and got a chance to practice on this couple, one picture led to another before i knew it i had taken over 200 pictures of them. some were crappy some were ok and some instantly became my favorite. there will be a part 2 session, better location, cute outfits and cowboy boots!

Here is my sister my forever friend.

“All sorts of curious karina;
calmness & madness
dancing/wiggling. reading & obsessive writing & having conversations w. myself
impulse. kindness. nobility.
meeting all sorts of people”

Here is some of her work.

That’s meee

Thanks for looking.


3 thoughts on “My very First couple

  1. Thank you so much for these beautiful photos! Good timing now that we’re hitting our 3.5yr anniversary!!! you’re the best sister and photographer i could ever have. 🙂
    love ya!

  2. Scarlett! These are just LOVELY! What a fun photoshoot you did for her! I am so glad you picked up the camera : )
    Really lovely. Her pictures are fun too. Intriguing!
    I always love coming here. So nice to meet your Moon today : )
    I know this is my second time commenting but they are so wonderful I just had to say more : )

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