In a Black and White kinda Mood

Here is my little Smiley man Alex with his little Dinosaur  he got from “walking with Dinosaurs”  

I took this picture as soon as we got back home. i was so upset i didnt take my camera with me to the show : ( boo hoo

I love his expression and this will be one of the many Photos ill be Mounting on styrene and putting up on my wall


This Man right here is my Hubby. who im very much in Love with : ) He’s Chunky, He’ HAIRY, and thats the way i like him.  more of his Photos from this photo shoot another day, i like this one even though it came out kinda blurry, still captured his sweet smile.  {I love you Tito }

And this Boy right here has the Most Beautiful eyes ive ever seen!  His name is Fabio and he’s 10yrs old im sure he’s gonna be a handsome man some day and possibly a heartbreaker!  


 My sister Moon and her Love Danny.

Lady feeling tired.


My Chunker Rhett Jewel with her Daddy

Last but not least two shots from I heart Faces Philly Photo walk. This day i realized how much my Love for Photography was, so glad i attended and im looking forward to next years walk hopefully my photos will be much better than what they are now.


Thanks for looking!




4 thoughts on “In a Black and White kinda Mood

  1. awesome pictures! i love that balloon shot – what fun! and there’s no doubt about it – that fabio is going to be pretty much gorgeous! great pictures 🙂

    please come over and visit my page. i didn’t realize the photos were supposed to be B & W, so mine aren’t – my bad. but you are still welcomed to visit 🙂

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