Birthday Fun!

We really had no plans on having this party, Keana had Six Flags Great Adventure in mind and she had so much fun on some of the rides but our day got cut short because of the weather, it started raining and we had to leave very early so the next day we thought we go with what we really had in mind  for her at first at last minute, not many of her friends got to join her but she had her family and two of her friends and a very fun and colorful birthday party all arranged by my very crafty Mother in law, she did the Pinata herself and all the cute deco and also made Keana’s dress to fit the theme. you can say we’ve been celebrating her birthday for a whole week, first we went to see walking with the Dinosaurs in New York, then we took her to great adventure and she got to do what she loves the most which is playing in the rain jumping on puddles and getting super soaked, we also drove over an hour to a beautiful sunflower field & we had a day to ourselves no brother no sister just me and her at the park having a picnic and she was nice enough to pose for me for some photos finally she had her Party! this Summer has been great so far theres still a few more weeks before school begins and we’re gonna make the most of it.

Here are some photos that i want to share with you

This has to be one of her favorite things to do, be free in the rain, play, jump in puddles!


Sunflowers! this field was Beautiful.

My Two Girl Keana & Rhett @ 10 months

These here are from Our day together, glad she was in the mood for some pictures. Pretty in purple!

Keana as Alice in Wonderland

With her Grandparents Arecia & Henry

She had an awesome Birthday!  Mommy Loves you!

Thanks for looking


3 thoughts on “Birthday Fun!

  1. Oh, wow…first off, STUNNING photography…very beautiful shots <3. And, that party looks amazing. Wonderfully creative! (yay for awesome MILs!). It's sure to have been a birthday week your daughter will never forget 😀

  2. OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! How creative is your mother in law Scarlett? Do you know what I love so much about you? From the moment I first met you I could tell how much you love and adore your kids. I think that is such a beautiful thing! I love that you were able to have this magical Birthday week! She is a treasure and I hope she will always remember these special things you do for her! : )

    PS The sunflower field is fantastic. Stunning!

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