Happy Birthday-Rhett Jewel

Today i want to share just a Few photos from my Daughter’s birthday a few days ago, some were taken that same day others were taken the day after because she was really sick for her birthday and she didnt want the camera at all!

Rhett was born premature due to severe Preeclampsia, by far it has been the worst experience in my life. to make long story short, I was swollen from head to toe literally, my weight went up to 220 and over after having Rhett (emergency c-section) my blood pressure was sky high and i had lost my vision. it was a very slow and long recovery, im lucky to be alive today and to have a healthy chunky baby girl!

these are her cute little lacey shoes.

Dress number 1

Her birthday photo banner i made

Happy to open up her gifts the next day

strking a pose

high chair tutu made by her grandma

Here she is with her grandparents, theyre in love!

myself with my chunky hairy husband and in laws

Grandpa’s little girl

Thanks for looking

The Paper Mama


The Trendy Treehouse


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday-Rhett Jewel

  1. oh my gosh. how adorable. i couldnt love her name any more either! and isnt it crazy all the things some of us have to go thru to get our babies here, yet we would do it all over again in a second just to have them!

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