Evoking you- “Calm”

This is Mr. Perez i met him in the hospital, he shared a room with my husband.  he seems to suffer from  Alzheimer’s Disease.

Doctors don’t seem to know much about him, they found him wandering the streets and all he knows and keeps repeating is that he lost his wallet. has no family, no friends or could be that he does but cant remember.  despite the constant confusion he has going on every day in his head, he seems content and Calm .   i wonder what he was thinking about while looking out the window.  could it be that something was coming back to him?

i will miss him. i wish him well & i hope they find a safe place for him.

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been”

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10 thoughts on “Evoking you- “Calm”

  1. You frame everything you see. Message me I have a project I want to do with you. Awesome shot. I bet he didn’t even know you snapped it huh. Lol

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  3. This photo does leave you wondering, and thinking about this man….where has he come from, and an angst to help him back to where he belongs, even though he’s not sharing the same angst. The many tones are interesting…..I hope he finds his way home!!

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