Rhett turns Two.

Little Miss Tantrum has a birthday today!   oh the terrible Two’s, its been here for a while now.

I ask God to grant me patience with this little one.

here are a few shots of her other side, the good girl.

Kisses for her Daddy.

She drives me off the wall but i Live for  choke /Hugs like this one!

Some of Rhett’s Favorite Things at the moment:
Favorite TV Show: Sesame street
Favorite Movie: La bamba
Favorite Food: she will eat anything, she is not picky
Favorite Fruit: grapes, banana
Favorite Dessert: Ice cream
Favorite Drink: Apple /Orange Juice
Favorite Sibling: she gets Along better with her big sis Keana
Favorite Toy: all of her big brothers Toys!
Favorite Song: Fly away by Lenny Kravitz.

Happy Birthday My little girl, Mommy Loves you!

Sunday Snapshot

Thanks for looking.
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9 thoughts on “Rhett turns Two.

  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to little Miss Rhett!! I love how you are able to capture all of her beautiful expressions and emotions. =)

  2. those are some adorable photos lady! I love them! and your daughter is gorgeous! I have two little ones as well… a 3 year old and a 13 month old… the little one is a handful and so is the big one… 3 get no easier I don’t think lol… but they are so worth it! Love your blog! Newest follower!!! visiting from the Simple Things!

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