Happy Birthday Alex

This is how my little man spent his birthday weekend.

laughing, playing, enjoying nature, family time, swimming

and shooting nonstop with his new camera : )

One happy Boy.

and one happy mama who loves capturing his sweet little face.

I love you Alex.

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15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Alex

  1. Amazing lifestyle photography! these are all so good. Happy birthday to your boy he will great photographer im sure : )

  2. That is one lucky kid with one cool camera!!! Loved every single one of these shots, you are so gifted!

    Happy Wednesday!!


  3. Great shots! I’d love to know more about your post-editing process. My own work tends to be more over-exposed and contrasty but I love the nearly vintage feel of yours. (I’m also a Nikon shooter – yay!)

  4. What a lovely place to spend a birthday! It looks so nice and relaxing, and so far out in the forest! I’d love being there (birthday or not)!

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