Grey Towers Castle

This was one of my favorite Trips this Summer with the family unfortunately my camera  battery died too soon and i got to capture only a few images of the Beautiful Mansion & activities they had going that day for the kids.

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14 thoughts on “Grey Towers Castle

  1. What a beautiful spot! Your photographs are absolutely beautiful-love the lily pad one 🙂
    Stopping by from the Nurture Photography Challenge!

  2. What an incredible place! I love how it’s kinda haunted feeling at the beginning, but your post ends with happiness, colour and life ❤ And, those lily pads are really stunning. Beautiful work!

  3. What an incredible place – I could settle in quite nicely there. LOVE the Smokey the Bear & Woodsy Owl toys. We collect those characters.

  4. Love all of these, but I’m especially in love with the 4th and 13th photos.

    Thanks for joining Rebecca and me in the Nurture Photography Challenge. We’ll be moving on to a new theme on Friday: Yellow/Light. Can’t wait to see your pics!

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