The Creativity Project – Photography Resolutions

This post is part of a The Creativity project i’m doing with some other amazing women photographers  ,a monthly blog circle with a new theme each month.

Our first theme for 2013 is Photography Resolutions

Here is my short list…

  • Stepping in front of the camera take more self portraits, more photos with my littles & schedule our very first family photo session this year.


I love lifestyle photography, telling your story through photos, candid moments but this year i want to step out of my comfort zone and start shooting new subject matter, im leaning toward Street Photography


  •  Continue my Love affair with black & white raw stripped-down Portraits.


  • Practice/ Shoot more.  Sometimes i go days or even weeks without shooting and that’s when i get stiff and it takes me longer to get into the groove of shooting back again,  Consistency is Key!


  • Introduce New Equipment  i have one already on its way. really excited about my new toy ; )


  • Attend a workshop.  exploring new photographic opportunities will motivate and inspire me to grow as a photographer.Scarlett-Hernandez-_-workshop
  • Update my Portfolio & give my Blog a new makeover


  • Organize my Image Files !  This is how my Desktop looks right now, the longer i wait the worse it gets this is a must do.  PRONTO!


  • Last but not least. I will buy and shoot Film this year!Scarlett-Hernandez-_-Guitar

Please continue our circle by heading over to Friend  Maddy |Mad Heart Photography to read about her resolutions this new year.

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10 thoughts on “The Creativity Project – Photography Resolutions

  1. Your goals are absolutely incredible. I love that you are growing and stretching! What new equipment are you getting???? You have to tell me at once. I am so excited for you! I really am so thankful to have a friend like you Scarlett. Your desktop made me smile because mine looks EXACTLY like that. We need an intervention. Happy Wednesday.

  2. Film! Yes. Jump on it girl! I cant wait to see your work through film. The captures of your family always stand out. Great post! As lways.

  3. I should take a page from you, Scarlett!! I was reading through the first one and I was thinking “Hey, me, too!” and then you mentioned Street Photography (which I happen to LOVE) and I thought again, ?Me, too!” I continued reading and you got me thinking, “Yes, I should try that, too.” Thanks for the inspiration, Scarlett. 🙂

  4. I’m excited for your goals this year! Street photography….ahhh!! That’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I’m such a coward! I’m always afraid of someone cursing me out for taking their picture. And film…oh my! I can only envision the magic you’ll produce with film 🙂

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