The Creativity Project – Family

I haven’t picked up my dslr camera in over a year , life can be pretty busy now with four kids. I love the convenience of just photographing with my trusty iPhone now a days , it’s simple. I shoot, edit, post all from my phone.

i have been out of the creativity project for months now but i was happy to join back in this month to share and introduce the newest addition to our family.

here are just a  few of my iphone photos

i hope to someday reunite with my Nikon again but in the meantime

you can find me posting daily over on Instagram 











house-of-emery.half house-of-emery.hernandezhouse-of-emery.3g







as you can see Our days are way sweeter with our little Georgy.

Head over to visit our friend Becky from  Life with Kaishon to see her take on “Family”


7 thoughts on “The Creativity Project – Family

  1. Dear, dear Scarlett, CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful new baby boy. Georgie is so precious. I love his tiny features. I am not surprised he is adorable though…look at you and Tito! Cutest couple in the world.

    This post was worth the wait! Scarlett, you are a better photographer with your iphone than many are with their dslr’s! I love your images. You capture the heart. You capture childhood so perfectly. Have I ever told you that you are exceptional? Thank you so much for coming back again. WE MISSED YOU! We need you. You make our circle so much greater.

  2. Oh my goodness !!! I was just adore this post S 😉 It put a pure smile on my face !!! I could feel the love and joy though the entire post. Love love it !!!!! Blessings to your family. Xo.

  3. Congratulations on bringing such a beautiful new life into the world; Georgy is so loved! And if I could get pictures like that out of my phone, I might be tempted to put my DSLR down, too! Just wow.. beautifully documented!

  4. he’s soooo precious, scarlett. congratulations, forever and a day, to you and your family. i would just curl up with him every moment of everyday with him ^_^

    (p.s: who needs a nikon *team nikon -YAY* when your iPhone photos look this good?!)

  5. Oh sweetie I love your instagram photos, they are beautiful and I can understand not picking up your dslr with that sweet baby around 🙂

  6. This post just makes me sooo excited about meeting my son! You are truly so talented with your phone. You make me excited about documenting life with my baby. Gorgeous photos Scarlett!

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